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Posted by on mei 3, 2011 in Muziek | 0 comments

Muziek van milk, linzen en waterballonnen

Werk van geluidskunstenaar Diego Stocco kwam hier al eerder voorbij, maar hernieuwde aandacht is in dit geval zeker op z’n plaats. Want wat weet Stocco een mooie dingen te maken met aan de basis hele gewone, natuurlijke geluidsbronnen.

In this making of video you’ll see some of the recording sessions I did when I created the DTS Sound Signature. I sound designed sounds out of milk, lentils and water balloons.

For the musical parts I wanted to include tracks recorded with old pianos. I like their way of being uniquely out of tune, when combined together the result is a fuller and more interesting sound.

More info and pictures are available at the Behance gallery:​gallery/​DTS-Sound-Signature/​1327705


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