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Posted by on apr 12, 2011

Hongerende kunstenaars en hun New Yorkse onderkomens

New York Magazine publiceerde afgelopen week een reeks artikelen over onroerend goed in de stad. In The Perpetual Garret wordt een aantal foto’s van de onderkomens van bepalende New Yorkse kunstenaars getoond. De ondertitel Where the starving artists slept zegt genoeg. Een mooi inkijkje!

Cage and Merce Cunningham shared a loft at 101 West 18th Street. By 1982, Cage had filled the space with 203 plants.

Rauschenberg in his Fulton Street loft. He had built a bathtub by lining a fish crate with tar but could only use it in the summer because he had no hot water.

Burroughs nicknamed his room in this partially converted YMCA at 222 Broadway “the Bunker.” He lived in the former locker room; twenty years earlier, Mark Rothko worked on his murals for the Four Seasons in the abandoned gym.

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Posted by on apr 4, 2011

Bibliotheken kunnen een rol spelen in netwerkprivacy

Het gebrek van kennis van netwerkprivacy is Cory Doctorow een doorn in het oog, zeker nu kinderen en jongeren opgroeien met de gedachte dat het vrijgeven van persoonlijke gegevens een normale zaak is. Hij ziet hierin onder andere een rol weggelegd voor bibliotheken en stelt een aantal radicale stappen voor om hierin een rol te spelen. Een voordracht naar mijn hart.

So I would like to propose a radical solution to this problem: Let’s turn our libraries, schools and other institutions into islands of networked privacy best practices. Let’s teach our kids to encrypt everything they do on the internet. Let’s teach them to jailbreak every device that they handle. Let’s teach kids to use the best products for their privacy, even when big companies don’t want them to install software on their phone, tablet or laptop. […] Teach them to bust every censor wall, because every censor wall harvests a record of what they look at. Teach them to spoof every form that they’re asked to fill in. And eventually let’s get on to some master subjects like blocking the radio frequency id tags that they carry around or making CCTV maps and figuring out how to move through their towns  without their locations being recorded by their pack sniffs that decided that spying on their neighbours is a proportionate thing to do too.”

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Posted by on apr 3, 2011

Boeken in oorlogstijd

Boeken in oorlogstijd

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – MAY 20: An Iraqi man moves religious books out of Imam al-Mahdi Shiite mosque after a car bomb exploded in front of the holy building in Saadiya neighbourhood on May 20, 2005 in Baghdad, Iraq. The blast killed two children wounding their mother and 6 others and is the latest in a series targeting places of worship.

bron: Booklover

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Posted by on mrt 17, 2011

Beeldscherminnovatie: de Junkyard Jumbotron

Uit de koker van het vermaarde MIT Media Lab en uitgelicht door Curiosity Counts:

The Junkyard Jumbotron lets you take a bunch of random displays and instantly stitch them together into a large, virtual display, simply by taking a photograph of them. It works with laptops, smartphones, tablets — anything that runs a web browser. It also highlights a new way of connecting a large number of heterogenous devices to each other in the field, on an ad-hoc basis.

Junkyard Jumbotron from chris csik on Vimeo.

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