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Posted by on jul 14, 2011

Schilderkunst meets indiepop

Schilderkunst meets indiepop

Een mooie samenwerking tussen de Parijse band Hold Your Horses! en de vormgevers van L’Ogre. Voor de clip bij het nummer 70 Million werden door de band 25 wereldberoemde schilderijen verbeeld.

L’Ogre – that’s David Freymond, Bruno Mendes, Olivier Tixier and Catherine Villeminot – have fashioned brilliant ‘live’ versions of some of the best-known paintings in the history of art – in fact 25 re-creations of masterpieces by Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso and many others – featuring the members of the band.

This is one of those ‘why hasn’t this been done before?’ ideas which, although made for the cost of a few plates of steak-frites, has been executed with a wonderful combination of painstaking accuracy and creative licence. And a lot of love.”

Open Culture heeft overigens een lijst met alle schilderijen die de revue passeren.

bron: PromoNews

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