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Posted by on aug 26, 2017 in Boeken | 1 comment

Kindertekenplaten met een randje

Kindertekenplaten met een randje

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Coloring Book Corruptions is een site die grossiert in tekenplaten waaraan een behoorlijke hoeveelheid artistieke vrijheid is toegevoegd. Aldus de eigenaar:

Boredom will produce a wide variety of things. One fine day whilst visiting my cousin, we decided to color. If not for her enjoyment of this hobby, this past time would have never been born. We sat down to begin and I casually flipped through a rather large coloring book. Perhaps it was fated that this particular coloring book was full of slightly deranged looking animals. I could not help but imagine them plotting and feuding with one another. Inspired, I began to turn a seemingly innocent children’s coloring book into something both awful and hilarious (at least to me). I feel this concept should be shared with the world based on the twisted amusement it has brought me. I hope you’ll consider giving it a go yourself. There’s a wonderful sense of corrupted glee to be gained! Enjoy!

Een kleine greep uit de verzameling bewerkte tekenplaten:

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