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Posted by on mrt 15, 2015 in Film, Onderwijs | 0 comments

Noam Chomsky over baby’s, taal en geheugen

Noam Chomsky over baby’s, taal en geheugen

In zijn rol als taalkundige beantwoordt Noam Chomsky in deze animatie van Michel Gondry enkele vragen over het leren van taal en de vorming van het geheugen door baby’s.

“In his thick French accent, Gondry asks if there is a correlation between language acquisition and early memories. For anyone who’s watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you know that memory is one of the director’s major obsessions. Over Gondry’s rough-hewn drawings, Chomsky expounds: “Children know quite a lot of a language, much more than you would expect, before they can exhibit that knowledge.” He goes on to talk about new techniques for teaching deaf-blind children and how a day-old infant interprets the world.”

bron: Open Culture

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