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Posted by on mrt 12, 2015 in Auteursrecht, Bibliotheek, Innovatie, Mediawijsheid, Open Data, Open Source | 0 comments

David Weinberger over de relevantie van bibliotheken

David Weinberger over de relevantie van bibliotheken

Wauw, wat een heerlijk ontnuchterende kijk van David Weinberger op de valkuilen én kansen voor bibliotheken:

“Facebook holds huge volumes of information about its users and their lives, but we have no equivalent for what libraries know. That is a huge hole in the internet, and it has at least two negative consequences. Firstly, as library information becomes harder to find, it becomes less relevant. Secondly, libraries themselves become marginalised. The culture that libraries represent becomes invisible on the internet, and the perceived value of libraries diminishes. This is a very real problem. Libraries can address it, but it will take a lot of effort.”

Lees hier vooral het volledige interview: Is there a library-sized hole in the internet?

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