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Posted by on sep 15, 2014 in Muziek, Open Source, Technologie | 0 comments

Beat Blox: grooves bouwen met blokjes en draaitafels

Beat Blox: grooves bouwen met blokjes en draaitafels

Te gek! Grooves die je zelf letterlijk ‘neerlegt’ door blokjes op een draaitafel te plaatsen. Lay down that groove!

“Beat Blox is a graduation project by Per Holmquist from Beckmans College of Design in Sweden. The project includes a music machine which allows anyone to create and experiment with music, in a playful and tangible way. The installation includes three turntables, all with built in Arduino, midishield and a total of 15 digital distance sensors. As the user adds a block to the deck, the distance sensor plays a sound. Combining all three turntables produces some quite intricate and fun beats.”

bron: Flowing Data

BEAT BLOX from Per Holmquist on Vimeo.


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