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Posted by on apr 6, 2013 in Bibliotheek, Muziek | 0 comments

“I catalog, I preserve, and I index”

“I catalog, I preserve, and I index”

Volgens mij viel het @bibliohan al eens op dat Steven Wilson een mooie tekst schreef over verzamelwoede. Zojuist kwam ik betreffende track Index weer tegen tijdens een avondje Youtube kijken en luisteren. Mooie tekst en een mooi nummer!

I’m a collector, I collect anything I find
I never throw anything away that’s mine
And I’d collect you too if I was given half a chance
And trap you under the glass and add my autograph

I catalog, I preserve, and I index
And file you into my collectable Rolodex
I keep the rubbish what other people give away
And keep all of the pieces in a metal tray

Hoard – Collect – File – Index
Catalog – Preserve – Amass – INDEX

I’m a collector and I’ve always been misunderstood
I like the things that people always seem to overlook
I gather up and catalog it in a book I wrote
There’s so much now that I forget if I don’t make a note

If I collected you and put you in a little cage
I could take you out and study you every day
It isn’t easy being me, it’s kind of lonely work
My obligation to collecting is my only thirst

Hoard – Collect – File – Index
Catalog – Preserve – Amass – INDEX



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