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Posted by on jan 18, 2013 in Boeken, Design | 0 comments

Legger die het boek verheft

Legger die het boek verheft

Uitzonderingen daargelaten zijn boekenleggers weinig tot de verbeelding sprekende objecten. En wat ze al helemaal niet doen is de aandacht op het boek zelf vestigen. Die leemte lijkt nu gevuld door Book Hook. Ontwerper Ted Reichenbach:

I wanted something better. The classic paper stripe as a bookmark has always been a temporary solution for me. Because i like to leave my books open I got the idea of a whole new concept.

I wanted something better. Something, whose shape is similar to the shape of the opened book, like a negative to the positive” and prevents it from damages. With that the idea of book hook was born. With my first sketches I let it produce as a prototype. After more improvement with regard to the material, angle and edge devolution was a marketable product of high-quality produced.

The book hook is an innovative bookmark, a practical storing place and a beautiful design object at once. I am sure that especially readers will like my book hook and it will be a welcome gift idea for every occasion.”

bron: Holycool



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