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Posted by on dec 29, 2012 in Muziek, Technologie | 0 comments

Een exclusieve plaat van ijs

Een vloeibare promo die je eerst in de vriezer moet leggen voordat je ‘m kunt beluisteren? De Zweedse band The Shout Out Louds bracht een gelimiteerde voorbeluistereditie van hun nieuwe album Optica uit die die moeite eerst van je vraagt. Alex Fredlund van het verantwoordelijke bureau TBWA Stockholm over de ijzige versie van het nummer Blue Ice:

We talked to professors at different universities telling us it would never work out, so we had to develop the technique ourselves. After receiving a negative imprint of the song’s master cut, they started experimenting; the office became a kind of amateur chemistry lab, and the team spent hours testing different types of liquid, various drying techniques, and multiple kinds of molds.

One of the biggest challenges was that the bubbles made the ice cloudy and messed up the tiny tracks, which made the needle jump.” Further trial and error revealed that using distilled water did the trick, giving the final product a nice clarity and even surface. Another insight? Time is not, in fact, on your side when working with a frozen substance; functionality and sound quality diminish immediately once the melting starts. A silicone cast allowed for quick and easy record removal, essential to ensuring it could be used straight out of the freezer.

Het originele nummer klinkt als volgt:

bron: Fast Company

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