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Posted by on mrt 24, 2012 in Auteursrecht, Innovatie, Internet, Politiek, Privacy, Social Media, Technologie | 0 comments

Steal This Film I + II

Toegegeven, het weer is veel te mooi om binnen filmpjes te bekijken, maar op een later moment kan het natuurlijk ook. Van de makers:

Because waves of repression continue to come: lawsuits are still levied against innocent people; arrests are still made on flimsy pretexts, in order to terrify and confuse; harsh laws are still enacted against filesharing, taking their place in the gradual erosion of our privacy and the bolstering of the surveillance state. All of this is intended to destroy or delay inexorable changes in what it means to create and exchange our creations. If STEAL THIS FILM II proves at all useful in bringing new people into the leagues of those now prepared to think ‘after intellectual property’, think creatively about the future of distribution, production and creativity, we have achieved our main goal.”

Steal this Film I:

Steal this Film II:

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