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Posted by on okt 21, 2011 in Blogs, Design, Kunst & Cultuur | 0 comments

Stoute Disney’s

Stoute Disney’s

Kunstenaar José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros plaatst Disneyfiguren in situaties, of dicht ze karaktereigenschappen toe, die de oorspronkelijke makers allerminst zo bedoeld zullen hebben. Over zijn illustratiereeks:

His latest project, Disenchanted, seeks to demystify the modern fairytale. Rodolfo juxtaposes representations of animation’s yesteryear with unexpected, almost antithetical situations. While his subjects (in another context) might embody the quintessential happy ending, Rodolfo reminds is that as individuals we are neither wholly immune nor entirely susceptible to viscera. We absorb a narrative that is neither truth nor lie, allowing elements of fantasy to become our reality, and so it should come as no surprise to discover elements of reality intruding on our richest fantasies. Even material that is created as an escape from waking life can be impacted by the real world, changing the original aesthetic completely.”

bron: Two Four Flinching

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