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Inventor Preparing to Test His Self Propelled Aquaplane

27 Feb 1935, Santa Monica, California, USA — The Shapson Aquaplane, invented by S. Shapiro, was demonstrated for the firs time on the beach at Santa Monica, California. The inventor is shown here strapping the Aquaplane onto Miss Margaret Travis. The Model is 44 inches over all and is fastened to the swimmer by means of straps and with each hand turns the cranks which revolve a small propeller that is located in the stern of the Aquaplane. A speed of 12 knots can be obtained. When completed the new type Aquaplane would be five feet high and five feet wide. The buoyancy tanks would be 10 inches in diameter, made of bronze and would support 180 pounds. It was expected that life saving guard stations along the Southern California Beaches would add the new device as part of their equipment of rescue work during the coming summer. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

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