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Posted by on dec 12, 2013 in Internet, Mediawijsheid, Privacy, Technologie, Uitgelicht | 0 comments

Korte docu: “Why Care About the N.S.A.?”

Korte docu: “Why Care About the N.S.A.?”

Documentairemaker Brian Knappenberger maakte voor de site van de New York Times een korte film over de handel en wandel van de N.S.A. Hij zegt over “Why Care About the N.S.A.?“:

I created this Op-Doc with excerpts from interviews that I filmed for an ongoing documentary about the programmer and online activist Aaron Swartz, who was concerned about surveillance issues long before Mr. Snowden’s disclosures. This short film addresses the most common arguments I’ve heard from people who are not concerned about online surveillance, such as: “I’m not doing anything wrong, so why should I care?” and “We need this to keep us safe.”

Knappenberger maakte vorig jaar de documentaire We Are Legion: The Story of the HacktivistsDie bekijk je onder andere hier.

bron: New York Times via tweet van Roel Groeneveld


Afbeelding: Stephen D. Melkisethian via Compfight cc

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