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Posted by on mrt 5, 2011 in Auteursrecht, Social Media | 0 comments

Bach’s Goldberg Variaties voor iedereen

De ontsluiting van de Goldberg Variaties (BWV 988) van Johann Sebastian Bach is doel van een Kickstarterproject waarmee ik gisterochtend in aanraking kwam. Bach’s werk werd uitgebracht in 1742, maar is desondanks (de auteursrechttermijn is immers al lang overschreden) niet vrijelijk beschikbaar. Zoals de initiatiefnemers het zelf verwoorden:

First we’ll be creating a scholarly reviewed engraving and edition of the Goldberg Variations using MuseScore notation software. This edition will also be used to create the on-paper versions that we’ll be sending you as backer rewards.

Then we’ll be taking Kimiko Ishizaka into the recording studio and producing a full professional piano recording of the work. This will be used to create the CDs which you get as backer rewards.

The digital editions of both the score and the recording will be made available to everyone for downloading, and will be free of any copyright or usage limitations. They’ll go straight into the public domain and you can use them for any purpose that you want.”

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