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Posted by on dec 29, 2010 in Internet, Open Source, Open Standaarden, Social Media | 0 comments

Als je in m’n grot komt, laat ik je m’n gereedschap zien

Het is misschien niet de meest flitsende TED-lezing, maar het verhaal van Denis Dutton, A Darwinian theory of beauty staat, mede door de animatie, als een huis. Het meest vermakelijk is z’n uitspraak “Why don’t you come up to my cave, so I can show you my hand axes“, maar dat doet wellicht wat af aan de essentie:

So the next time you pass a jewelry shop window displaying a beautifully cut teardrop-shaped stone, don’t be so sure it’s just your culture telling you that that sparkling jewel is beautiful. Your distant ancestors loved that shape and found beauty in the skill needed to make it, even before they could put their love into words. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? No, it’s deep in our minds. It’s a gift, handed down from the intelligent skills and rich emotional lives of our most ancient ancestors. Our powerful reaction to images to the expression of emotion in art to the beauty of music to the night sky will be with us and our dscendants for as long as the human race exists.”

Open Culture besteedde hernieuwde aandacht aan de presentatie, omdat Dutton gisteren overleed.

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